Packers and Movers

Packing And Moving
Packing and Moving is a creative work in which we are experts. Performed and finely completed over thousands of packing and moving task in past years. We have made our customers happy woth our packing skills. The way we pack their goods and assets, they start feeling safe for their assets while handover it to us. We provide packers and movers service across nation in each and every city of India.

We use wide range of packing materials which are capable of holding and keeping the assets and goods safe and sound while delivering. Packing amterial that we use for the packing of the products of out customers includes wrapping cardboard rolls, lamination rolls, bubble wraps, air packets, thermocol, foam sheets, wooden boxex etc. These materials are enough good that they will keep the item safe and secure.
carton flaticon
Packing material we use
packers and movers sticky tape
Sticky Tapes

Used to stick the boxes and bind the lamination and the cardboard roll or packing roll so they do not unwrap themselves while transportation.

Packers and movers wrapping bubble rolls
Bubble Wraps

Bubble wraps are used to wrap the assets and items in order to protect them from the unpredictable jerks that might come in existence while transportation.

Packers and Movers

Lamination is again a wrapping material that is used to wrap the item or assets over the cardboard boxes or wrapped bubble to protect them from unpredictable water splashing.

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Cardboard Wrap

The Cardboard Wraps are used to wrap the items or assets in such a manner that they could get safe from external dust or if kept in warehouse then from mice or ants.

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Foam Sheets

Foam sheets are used to wrap the item from top and bottom so that they would not get any dent because of speed brackers or unwanted road wounds.

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Air Packets

These air packets are advance form of bubble wraps, where bubble wrap prtect the item from small jerks this can protect the item from seviuor jerks.

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Thermocol Sheets

Thermocol sheets are used to protect the items like almirah, refridgerator, ACs etc. so they would not get any dent while transportation.

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Cardboard Boxes

Boxes are used to store small items or clothes, vases, crockery, kitchen items, books, useful but small in size items etc. With either foams shreds or foam balls for the safety item-accordingly.

House Relocation
We have done more than a thousand of home relocations and have almost same number of happy customers. For house relocation we use packing materials in such a way that the items or assets customers hand overs to us stays safe during relocation. Jerks and unwanter or unpredictable circumstances can be easily tackled by the packed items.
Office Relocation
Office relocation service beacomes easy and fast when our expert team starts packing and moving. With proper installation and uninstallation of devices and packing them with proper manner, purely satisfactory, no hassle.
Vehicle Relocation
Vehiles like motor bikes, cars, semi trucks, boats etc, can easily be transported between locations. All the tools or labour will be available and our staff with expert skills will take care of all the things for you.
Factory Relocation
We have all teh skills and tools available to relocate factory from one location to other with all its goods, machines, tools and assests. Loading on vehicle using crane if required will be available in not time